The Hill Mug

$ 34.99

Our "The Hill" mugs are handmade by local ceramicist, Taylor Emery of ClayByTay. You can purchase the mug on its own, or choose to add flowers so you start with a flower arrangement and end with a usable drink mug.

    If you would like special colors or flowers, please include these details at checkout under "Add special instructions for your order," and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

    Order ahead for delivery or curbside pickup. If your preferred delivery time is full, please consider another day or curbside pickup.

    *PLEASE NOTE* Our minimum purchase for delivery is $49.99.

    We are following current COVID-19 health and sanitation guidelines from the CDC and Saint Louis City (including contactless ordering and pickup). In addition:

    • A single person handles your order from start to finish
    • We are not offering on-site shopping at this time
    • Limited pickups per hour to give plenty of space for customers near entrance

    Thank you!

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