Eucalyptus Bunch Grab 'n Go

$ 14.99

Our grab 'n go eucalyptus bunches are wrapped in paper. Simple, elegant, and fragrant, our eucalyptus is grown locally in the Saint Louis region. Thank you for supporting local farms.

Note: If you are planning to dry your eucalyptus, you may need to snip the tips off when hanging, and this type is not guaranteed for drying as it is a slightly more delicate type.

Order ahead for delivery or curbside pickup. If your preferred delivery time is full, please consider another day or curbside pickup.

We are following current COVID-19 health and sanitation guidelines from the CDC and Saint Louis City (including contactless ordering and pickup). In addition:

  • You must order ahead to pick up flowers or plants. We are not offering on-site shopping at this time
  • Limited pickups per hour to give plenty of space for customers near entrance

Thank you!

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